Our Services

We focus on contextual and inventive design, whether it is at the urban design and town planning scale, residential new construction, or creative renovations and additions. We will provide expert leadership and comprehensive support during all phases of your project. 


In addition to all the services you would expect from an architectural firm, Rocco Architects focuses on adaptive reuse of historic buildings and historical preservation and restoration.


1. Project Planning

  • Project programming, setting the scope of the project
  • Schematic, or Preliminary Design, to develop a true sense of the project without incurring too much expense.
  • Design Development and Construction Documents, including coordination with all pertinent engineers and consultans, where appropriate.
  • CADD drawing files, which are available for the owner's future use.
  • Heading up the bidding process for the owner.
  • Participating in the Construction Administration process though the completion of the project, helping to ensure that clients get what they are contracting for.

2. Archectural Restoration

  • Research grant availability
  • Historical research
  • Landmark applications and conformity
  • Detail preservation and restoration
  • Facade preservatoin and restoration
  • Period expertise and design

3. Construction Services

  • Full Design/Build services, bringing all responsibility to one point.
  • Project management
  • Contract bidding and award
  • Construction monitoring and management
  • Property management
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Residential and home construction
  • Remodeling and conversion planning
  • Restoration and preservation of historical monuments
  • Garden and landscape planning


If you have a question or would like to discuss your specific needs-

Please contact us at 860 345-3533.