Goodspeed Station, Haddam, CT


A proposal for a new mixed-use village, overlooking the Connecticut River, Goodspeed Opera House and the Swingbridge. The heart of the Village would be a Square, or Piazza, with a new theater at the head of the axis, and a direct view of the majestic Goodspeed Opera House as the terminus of the view. A new railroad station, new theater, new boutique hotel and improved riverboat dock would all energize the existing tourism industry of the area.

Back To The Riverfront:

Middletown, CT


Our office was hired by the Mayor and the Harbor Commission to develop concepts to reconnect the city to the Connecticut River. The relationship had been severed by construction of a highway in the 1960s Urban Renewal Era.

The potential redevelopment of the riverfront if the highway were relocated.
Several years later, for another administration, we created "The Deck Plan"
The first phase of the Deck, a park, would connect at-grade to Main Street, and be the first of several phases to cover Rt. 9

Planning For Economic Development

Haddam, CT


In the early 1990s, Haddam began to feel development pressures, while at the same time there was a total lack of planning being done. Infrastrucure was neglected and zoning regulations were outdated, reflecting suburban models for use in the villages.


We proposed a planning study to address these issues, and we secured the funding for the study by writing a successful grant proposal to the State. After 5 years of presentations, workshops and puclic information sessions, our work was part of a comprehensive economic development report which included water and sewer studies and market research analyses.

A dreary Higganum Center before our recommendations. Almost continuous curbcuts and off-street parking. No environment for pedestrians.
Report cover, with rendering showing proposals for reduction of pavement and curbcuts, new on-street parking, trees, benches, sidewalks and landscaping.
Higganum Center after, with recommended improvements: trees, reduced pavement and curbcuts, curbing, sidewalks, lamp posts, landscaping.

Main intersection in Higganum Center before study, showing complete neglect.

Intersection of Saybrook and Killingworth roads (Rt. 154 and Rt. 81) after improvements. Pavement has been narrowed to be more pedestrian-friendly, curbs, light posts, landscaping installed.